Instead of falling into the hole, why not use the bridge that we've built for you?

Here at EWMD, we focus on bridging the gap using our skills in digital marketing. Your gap may be knowledge, brand awareness, or even a lunch buddy on Wednesdays - we can help with it all!

One of our specialties is helping brands launch their products to market with intensity, flair and distinction. Our skills include everything from social media to content production and even web analytics.

If you want to know more, have a sticky beak around the website or get in touch with us.

What Do We Do?

Digital Strategies

Strategy, Campaign and Management

Search Engine Marketing

Organic Search Listing’s and Paid Search Advertising

Digital Display

Banner and Display Advertising

Social Media & E-Mail Marketing

Promotions Management, Strategy and Training

Mobile and Location Marketing

Local Listings, Mobile Sites and Applications

Information Architecture

Usability Testing and Conversion

Analytics and Reporting

Link Networks

Content and Media Creation

Copywriting, Video and Photography