Our Services

Social Media

Did you know that 47% of social network users say that Facebook has the greatest impact on their purchasing behaviour? This means that if you don’t have a Facebook business page and aren’t active, you are missing out on sales!

Social media should be an integral part in everyone’s marketing mix. Now more than ever, consumers trust their friends and the voice of others more than they trust brand’s themselves. Without social media you rob your brand of that environment in which consumers can share, encourage and advocate your brand! At EWMD we do everything from promotional campaigns to strategy to full scale management. Just talk to use about what you are looking for.

Digital Display

Digital display advertising accounts for over 20% of the online spend in Australia in 2012. This is predicted to increase over the coming years as more traditional marketing dollars are moved online to where the users are.

Digital display is the new shiny version of the old school billboards and signage. Unlike billboards where you can get a lot of traffic passing by and seeing your ad but no way or tracking how targeted this audience is or their interaction rate with the brand afterwards, digital display allows you to specifically choose your target audience based on a number of factors and also track the interactions with these ads. If wide spread, targeted exposure is what you are looking for, digital display is the answer.

Email Marketing

It is reported that customers who have received an email from a brand spend 138% more than customers who have not received emails from the brand. So imagine if all of your customers were receiving regular, relevant and value adding emails from you – you could potentially double your sales!

Although email has been around for a long time, people are now becoming more stringent on the emails that they open and trust.  Through clever and engaging subject lines, useful and relevant content and regular communication, email marketing has proven to be one of the most cost effective forms of advertising! At EWMD, we focus on the message as well as the ROI, because we understand that there is nothing worse then coming across as too salesy and spam like.

Pay Per Click

Have you ever wondered why millions of people search on Google daily, yet you aren’t seeing loads of traffic to your website? Or why your competitors are doing the same stuff as you, yet they are booming and you aren’t?

This is a common theme among companies who run ineffective, non-targeted PPC campaigns. There are millions of people searching on Google daily, and your competitors are running similar PPC campaigns, but its all about standing out in the crowd and targeting the right people at the right time with the right message. This is where EWMD comes in. With our Google AdWords Qualified team, we are able to effectively optimise your campaign – or build one from scratch if you don’t have one – to drive relevant, qualified traffic to your website at the click of a button!

Search Engine Optimistaion

An integral part of any website is your online presence and visibility.  89% of Australians say that searching is part of their overall online activity. If your brand name is not out there, then you’d want people to find you somehow right?

SEO is the process of “changing/structuring” your website so that it will appear high in the rankings for particular search terms. Optimizing  includes a mix of on-page & off-page elements such as page titles, headings, visible & engaging content, and links from other websites to prove your social worth.

Usability Testing

Is your website a critical part of your business success? Do you have lots of visitors coming through to your website, however no one seems to be contacting you, buying from your website, or even filling out a form?

Usability Testing is the service EWMD provides with an end goal of increasing your website’s conversions – leads, sales, or interactions. Through the use of web traffic analysis we can suggest optimisation in order to direct your visitors to what you want them to do, or how you want them to convert. Small but constant iterations will allow your business to move & keep up with the world that is digital.

Mobile Marketing

Did you know that there are more iPhones being purchased than babies being born daily? And that over 50% of Australians over the age of 16 carry a smartphone with them almost every day?

Mobile marketing strategies are used to engage your audience and get them to act on the spot with your brand – whether it is with your print media, while watching tv, listening to your radio ad, or searching for answers while on the move. EWMD use strategies involving mobile websites, QR Codes, and even the humble SMS – the combinations are limitless!

Web Analytics

Reporting of financial data is important for all companies to track and see improvement. If you didn’t report then how do you know whether or not your activities generating positive revenue? Is your marketing losing or making you money?

Web Analytics at EWMD is aimed at helping company’s report on the health and success of their websites. Standard or custom reporting, web traffic, goal tracking and audience source are included in our portfolio and that is just the tip of the ice berg! We will set up the right tools to help you track the key metrics and targets that will align with your brand’s goals. Remember – “What gets measured improves!”